John Castignani – Drums
Dave Muhoberac – Lead vocals
Jeff Rippin – Guitars and vocals
Jerry Heeschen – Bass Guitar and vocals


Jeff Rippin 408-621-8882


RIPPIN is a California Rock band, Inspired by and comparable to Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and every other guitar hero, RIPPIN is a retro hard rock band with melodic, aggressive, guitar-driven high powered vocal with thunderous rhythm intensity. The California rockers provide neck-snapping, modern-rock with a grunge edge. The latest EP “Jealous” shows the band can even add a touch of country-rock.

Besides their original material the band does classic rock cover songs that include artists such as Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ronnie Montrose, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, etc….

RIPPIN released its first self titled CD in 1998. Song “Anytime Anywhere” received some national commercial airplay. RIPPIN then released a second CD in 2001 (RIPPIN II).

On their 2nd release, "In The Shadows", "Heartburn" and "Honey" also received n national airplay rotation.

Bassist Jerry Heeschen was at a karaoke bar and heard Dave Muhoberac singing. Muhoberac was invited to sit in on a few songs and soon after became the lead vocalist. RIPPIN then recorded a 3rd CD called “Cant Get Over It”. Again the band received national commercial airplay with songs “Road Rage” and “Johnny”.

These first 3 CDs were all recorded either in a basement or a garage.

In an attempt to gain more attention, the band started to record the 4th CD as a higher quality, 3 song demo. During the recording, drummer Paul Dorato started having serious health issues. At this point the band brought in long time friend John Castignani to take over. This 3 song short demo CD was recorded in TikiTown Studios, produced by Scott Mathews. This demo CD helped the band finally land a deal being signed to Tate Music Group’s label. Under the Tate Music Group (TMG) label the band released an EP called You Gotta Go. This CD received national radio airplay. 3 songs (“You Gotta Go”, Serious Problem” and “I’m Alright”) made it into the FMQB Top100!

The band was also accepted onto the Pandora site.

Nov 10, 2015. The band signed an EP deal with Tate Music Group. CD titled “Jealous” based on the title track “I’m A Little Jealous”.

But, Tate Music Group went out of business.

On a journey looking for our next label or publisher.